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In our journey of life if we search diligently, then we can find the essence of art everywhere, and for that all you need a cognition pertaining to art, and inquisitive eyes which are always in search of the magic of art. Generally, we trying the objectify things that are related to art but art is not only a subject but also the manifestation of thinking and the origin of every emotion. Here, we are trying to create a colloquy between you and the naturalistic exposure of art that is hidden inside you for so many years. Come and discern the clandestine artist beneath you with adore, amour, and affection.


Whenever you feel that the artistic entity inside you is thirsty because of the scarcity of art, then you can visit here, our artistic presentation glaringly quenches your thirst.
We strongly believe that the most beautiful art created by the Almighty is nature. As we are a small part of this great masterpiece, hence our every stigma is filled with the consciousness of art. We simply need to open our mind and soul to apperceive those aspects of art that are scattered here and there around us. Let’s feel the magic, realize the enchantment influence that is created every single moment; art is created every single moment by the Almighty and his children.

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We consider that art is constantly changing with the flow of time like a floating river. Earlier we got various great artists, who enriched our heritage and culture with their masterpieces, and still, the journey is going on. Here you find some great artworks by some known and unknown artists who worship art and consider art as their only religion.

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Paul Cézanne, 1877

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Read all art-related news, articles, and journals here to up to date yourself about the world of Art.

History of the Museum

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Explore a bunch of unique creations that are the outcome of concentrated and unparalleled thinking of the artists. If you are an admirer of art, then this art archive can be the ‘Pandora’s Box’ for you. In our archive, we try to put arts and paintings from different genres to please your eyes, mind, and soul so that you can feel contentment and immense ease. For us all artists are adorable, therefore we place various known or unknown artists’ work without any discrimination because we are only looking for genuine artworks in our way towards the acquisition of art.
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As the inamorato of art, it is our prime concern to make people aware of art so that they can put more interest in this domain. Through the power of art, we would also want to awaken humanity, love, and kindness inside people. We consider our endeavor a successful one when we will compel people to rethink about their lives, society, and the oncoming time. We want to use the weapon of art for the welfare of our society and push all mankind towards the path of positivity, grace, and well-being with the help of artistic spectacle.
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It is not possible for the art lovers to present physically at every art event and to be witnessed of those artistic moments. Our event section is for those art admirers who want to travel each corner of the globe to explore every genre of art but unable to do so. Here we post different photos and videos from different art events to please your viewers.

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Find all the latest art-related news over here from all over the globe and upgrade your knowledge involved with art because the form of art is changing every day, every moment. 


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    Art can be found everywhere if you want to find it. Artwizart believes that life is an art and art is the way of life. Whenever we think about art, the primary things that come to our minds are paintings, sculptures, architecture, and so on but according to us, there is nothing that is detached from art, art exists in every corner. We are constantly trying to obtain art from every moment of our lives and for that, we devoted our life to art. Every aspect of our life is directed to the sake of art.

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